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Club Happenings


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Recent Events

On Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan 21 and 22, we had a table set up in the atrium for club publicity.  We had a number of people sign up and a great amount of people show interest.  Now that we have more members we will start having meetings.  Before we actually meet on campus we will start meeting on the internet.  I have set up a yahoo group to make this possible.  Click on the link to join the club or to get into the club meeting website.  

The information that is able to be used for the projects should come only from the Healthy Models refrence page or my personal resources.  I will also be adding links to the links page on the yahoo groups website.  This information is also available for club projects.  I will adding to the refrence page frequently and if you have a resource that you think should be added let me know.  Before it is added it will need to be approved by me and a club advisor or consultant. 
If anyone would like to start something before we actually meet, that's fantastic.  Just email me and let me know what you want to do and we'll see how we can get you set up and started.  Good luck and thanks for joining!

Upcoming Events

We are helping out with Eating Disorders Awareness Week which is February 23 until March 3.  We will be assisting the Wellness Center.  Go to Club Projects, or the group meeting webpage for more information.

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