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Who am I?


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You're probabally wondering exactly who started this website...Read on to find out more about me and why this club was started.

About Me...

I am currently 19 years old and a sophmore at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  I am majoring in psychology and nutrition.  After recieving my bachelor's degree, I will do a one-year internship for nutrition.  This internship is required in order to be a registered dietician.  Once I am a registered dietician I will go to graduate school in order to recieve a Ph.D. in psychology.  All of this school will make me a Psychologist and a Registered Dietician.  This will give me the adequate resources to work with people with eating disorders for a living.  It is my goal to help slow the incidence of these disorders and to help those currently living with them. 

Why did I start Healthy Models?

All my life I have been surrounded with eating disorders.  My family and friends have been affected in many ways by these horrible disorders.  On a more personal level, I have also been affected.  Fortunately, I am well on my way to full recovery.  It is because of this that I want to dedicate my life to helping people with eating disorders.  However, I did not want to wait until I had all of my degrees to do something.  I was trying to determine how I could help people while still an undergraduate, and I came up with this club.  In my opinion, no one should have to go through such a horrible experience, especially since our society contributes so much to the prevalence of these disorders.

Call to action...

Have you ever known anyone with an eating disorder?  I guarantee you that at some point in your life you will.  Almost everyone in college already has.  College is a breeding ground for these disorders; these same disorders that consume and destroy people's lives.  Anorexia is the most deadly psychological disorder.  With the number of eating disorders rapidly rising, I ask for your help.  I understand we must start small, but we must start somewhere.  Something must be done to save the youth of America from these deadly and debilitating diseases.  I honestly believe, that once firmly established, Healthy Models can make a significant difference in the incidence of eating disorders in America.